12 Best Guard Dog Breeds

best guard dog breeds

Looking for a fluffy guardian? Take a look at these 12 Best Guard Dog Breeds!

There are many different types of guard dogs. Some prefer solitude, others are family dogs. We have chosen twelve of the best guard dog breeds and we would love to hear about the best guard dogs in your opinion in the comments!

1. Leonberger

Best Guard Dog Breeds - leonbergers

Leonbergers are not only loyal family dogs but also excellent guard dogs. They would literally give their lives for their families and although friendly and accepting toward strangers invited by the owners, they will not let an uninvited person enter the property.

Besides their capabilities to guard their people and property their look certainly helps. The Leonbergers are huge yet agile and they bark with a strong deep voice, who’d want to cross such a dog?

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2. Akbash


Akbash is one of the best guard dogs breeds, though probably not one you’d prefer to guard your family. The Akbashes are extremely independent and don’t like taking orders. They might even have a tendency to aggressivity which makes them unsuitable for families.

However, if you have a large farm and livestock to guard, Akbash might be the dog breed for you.

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3. German Shepherd

german shepherd

When you say “best guard dog breeds”, the first one many people think of would be the German Shepherd, alternatively also called Alsatian.

German Shepherds have been used by armies, the police and families. These dogs are very gifted for work training and their natural guarding instinct as well as good adaptability makes them perfect guardians that can also be family dogs.

Recent years in breeding have brought severe health decline in some show dog lines but work lines remain among the most important sources of excellent watch and work dogs for professionals.





4. Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Best Guard Dog Breeds - malinois

Malinois, one of the four Belgian Shepherds (and the only short-haired one) has, in some cases, replaced the German Shepherd. In some countries, Malinois is the nr. 1 work breed of the armed and rescue forces and also at work competitions these dogs often place on top.

Malinois excel at obedience, scenting as well as protection, they are very alert, loyal and very very fast learners.

They are perfect guard dogs and can be also family dogs but this is an “experienced only” breed. The owners have to be consistent and just and – of course – very active.



5. Tibetan Mastiff

Best Guard Dog Breeds - tibetan

Tibetan Mastiffs have been used as home guardians for over 4000 years so we could say that guarding is imprinted in their DNA. They are not ideal family dogs by default but with proper socialization and training they can be kept as family dogs.

Always bear in mind that the beautiful Tibetan Mastiff is a dog for experienced people only.

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6. Dobermann


Dobermanns have gained the fame of a dangerous breed due to their frightening look with cropped ears as well as their roles in movies where they’re often portrayed as aggressive. However, Dobermanns are not only excellent guard dogs but also really good family dogs.

They’re very intelligent, capable of advanced training and more than willing to collaborate.

These large Pinchers are also popular work dogs and they often serve in the armed forces.

7. Rottweiler


Germany has given the world several of the best guard dog breeds and Rottweiler is the last we present. Just like the Dobermann, it’s an excellent guard dog breed and also great family dog.

The Rottweilers are strong, unafraid and self-confident. They learn fast and you can be sure that having a Rottweiler means no one and nothing will enter your house uninvited.

Rotweilers are also loyal and energetic and they are often used as work dogs in the armed forces.


8. Appenzeller Sennenhund

Best Guard Dog Breeds - apenzeller

Smaller than other Sennenhunds and most of the guard dog breeds the Apenzeller Sennenhund certainly belongs to the best ones. Moreover, it´s a great family dog! Originally a farm dog that used to protect the livestock, now that and much more.

The Apenzeller Sennenhund is self-assured and suspicious of strangers but not aggressive and active, therefore suitable for active owners and families.


9. Caucasian Shepherd Dog


The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is majestic, suspicious, unafraid and very vigorous and an excellent guard dog. This breed is not suitable as families, on the contrary, it adapts very well to solitude and can spend periods of time without its owner. Nevertheless, puppies and young dogs should be socialized and used to contact with people in order to avoid unwanted behavior.



10. Catahoula Leopard Dog

catahoulaThe Catahoula Leopard Dog’s impressive look causes respect as well as awe. With proper socialization the Catahoulas can become good family dogs but if something comes natural to them is guarding livestock and agricultural areas such as farms.

The breed is very independent and stubborn, capable of making decisions fast.

You can learn more about the Catahoulas here.


11. Šarplaninac

Best Guard Dog Breeds - sarplaninacŠarplaninac is the kind of dog that you want guarding your farm in the middle of nowhere. These dogs are not huge people-lovers and they’re not ideal for families with children, however, they are absolutely unafraid, highly suspicious and unwelcoming to most people.

In fact, the Šarplaninac has been banned in Denmark together with several other breeds despite of not having caused a single incident.

It is definitely a breed suitable for remote and large areas and an early socialization is absolutely necessary.

12. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Best Guard Dog Breeds What makes the Central Asian Shepherd Dog or Alabay a great guard dog is its independency, adaptability and audacity. And its guarding and protection instinct, of course.

This breed has a good ability to learn, however, due to its independency, they don’t like repetitive training and might not see the reason to obey their owners.

As with other guard dogs or dogs in general, an early socialization is necessary, especially with the breeds that don’t naturally tend to love people.