Greyhound Adoption – where, how and why

greyhound adoption

Greyhound Adoption – Greyhound racing can be a cruel sport – as soon as the dogs stop being profitable for their owners, they are sent to death. Fortunately, there are organizations dedicated to saving these beautiful creatures.

Why are there organizations involved specifically in Greyhound Adoption?

Simply put because there’s a need for them. Greyhound racing is an organized competitive sport in which Greyhounds are raced around the track or in coursing. Similar as horse racing, the Greyhound races can be an expensive and also a profitable hobby in which the dogs are treated well only as long as they earn their owners money. Once these dogs have their best racing days behind them they are often sent to death.

That is why there are organizations with international reach dedicated to saving these dogs and providing them with new homes and loving owners.

Why Adopt a Greyhound?

Greyhounds are elegant and gentle creatures that will give you ten times back the love you give to them. Adopting a track dog doesn’t mean you are getting an old dog, these animals often have many more years to live and they can be your most loyal companions on the sofa as well as for sports.

Where and How to Adopt a Greyhound?

Each Greyhound rescue organization has its own terms you’ll need to follow to adopt a Greyhound. These terms usually involve proving that you are able to take care of the dog.

The first step to do is to look for an organization operating close to you and inquire about the conditions with that organization.

Here’s a list of several organizations to start with:

The Houndsavers – North America (CA)

Greyhound Adoption Program – Australia

Greyhound Rescue – Australia

Greyhound Trust – Great Britain

GACI – Italy

Pet Levrieri – Italy

A Grey’s Home – Belgium

Udruga za udomljavanje hrtova Honey – Croatia

Galgos del Fénix – Finland

Greyhound, Streuner & Co – Germany

Društvo S hrti za hrte Slovenija – Slovenia

Fundación Benjamín Mehnert – Spain