Lemon Spotted Dalmatian

The Lemon Spotted Dalmatian is one of the less common color varieties in a Dalmatian. It’s easy to recognize because a lemon colored Dalmatian has yellow spots instead of the typical black ones.

What is a Lemon Dalmatian?

lemon dalmatianIt is a very rare color variation with pale yellow to amber spots on its coat instead of the black ones. To compare to other dog breeds, the spots can be the color of a golden retriever or an English Setter. Puppies have paler spots at first and they can gradually gain on intensity. Often times, the lemon spots are smaller than those of black-spotted Dalmatians. Lemon Dalmatian’s nose has always black pigmentation, although the color might be a little faded. A Dalmatian with pale spots and pink nose is called Orange Dalmatian. Furthermore, the lemon Dalmatians tend to have darker eyes than the orange ones.

Besides that its characteristics don’t differ from any standard Dalmatian.

How come a Dalmatian can be “lemon”?

“Lemon Dally” is the product of genetic mutation, in specific, the responsible one is the MC1R (E Locus) gene that is located on the canine chromosome 5. It controls the production of the black pigment eumelanin in the melanocytes. When the form of the MC1R is dominant (E) it allows normal production of eumelanin in the melanocytes. Therefore, the lemon color is the result of a recessive gene (ee instead of EE or Ee).

Is the lemon color accepted by the breed standard?

Lemon color is a deviation from the breed standard and, therefore, it’s considered a disqualifying feature. This aesthetic “flaw”, however, doesn’t affect the temperament and personality of the dog. On the contrary, a Lemon Dalmatian can be a good choice for those who look for something really rare.

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lemon dalmatian