Long Haired Dalmatian

long haired dalmatian

Long Haired Dalmatian is a beautiful non-standard Dalmatian variety that’s very rare. Let’s learn about this fascinating type of dally.

Long Haired Dalmatian

In a litter of smooth-coated parents there can be one or even two long-haired puppies. These Dalmatians have a bushy tail and longer hair on ears and chest (2-4 inches). These individuals experience much less shedding than their smooth-coated counterparts, which shed year-round. Also, the hair of long coated Dalmatians is easier to clean up once it sheds because it doesn’t stick to the upholstery as easy as the short hairs. Some owners also claim that the long coat it relatively easy to clean from dirt.

The long-haired variety started appearing after the founding of the LUA project in the USA. It was a breeding effort in which other dog breeds were mixed into the Dalmatian breeding lines in order to correct a genetic defect leading to increased urinary uric acid, urate crystals, urinary bladder aggregate formation, stones etc.

The “Dalmatian Backcross Project” was conducted by dr. Robert Schaible in 1973 and is at the 14th generation from the original cross at the present time.

Long haired or long-coat Dalmatians have a recessive gene from both parents. That means, that if both parents have this recessive gene, there’s a possibility of a long haired puppy. When it comes to the temperament and character, the long haired dallies are no different from their short haired brothers. Just as color varieties don’t affect their temperament, the length of the coat doesn’t either.

Long haired Dalmatian is a non-standard variety but it’s also one that many dally-lovers seek and a puppy can cost even between $600 and $1,200.

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