Longest Living Dog Breeds

longest living dog breeds

Getting a four-legged friend is a commitment for years and in the case of the Longest Living Dog Breeds even for decades. Here are the breeds that are most likely to keep you company the longest.

How to determine Breeds that live the longest?

There are – simply put – breeds that live longer than others. Other than our own experience we can turn to the knowledge of the professionals.

Jerry Klein, the chief veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club says that according to research the larger dogs’ life expectancy is approximately 7–10 years, white smaller dogs have a lifespan of 13–16 years.

“Breeds in the toy group, some of the terriers, and Australian cattle dogs have been known to live long lives,” Klein says. “But the longest-lived dog I’ve personally ever met was a Schipperke—a small dog breed that originated in Belgium — who was 23.”

Evžen Korec, a veterinarian and the leader of the research group of the lifespan of the Cane Corso breed, adds several more interesting facts on the dog life expectancy in general. According to dr. Korec the life expectancy is genetically determined but can be also influenced by the wellness of the animal (especially it’s ideal weight). He adds, that the crossbreeds have generally longer lifespan than the purebred dogs. (more in Korec, E., Longevity of Purebred Dog Breeds, first published on November 1, 2017 in Approaches in Poultry, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences).

Dr. Korec’s research group published a list of dozens of breeds whose average lifespan has already been determined, so we do, in fact, have some official data.

Which are the Longest Living Dog Breeds?

If you want to see a list of 163 dog breeds and their average life expectancy, it’s right here.

Based on the official data the longest living dog breeds are the following:

Lakeland Terrier

longest living dog breeds lakeland terrier

Average lifespan: 15,46 years

This relatively new dog breed comes from England and is mostly hypo-allergenic. It’s considered a vulnerable breed facing extinction according to The Kennel Club.




Irish Terrier

irish terrier

Average lifespan: 14,83 let

As the name suggest, the Irish Terrier is native to Ireland. It’s an intelligent working breed that can be used as a watch dog or a hunting companion.




Canaan Dog


Average lifespan: 14,63 let

Canaan is a national Israeli breed and one of the oldest breeds ever dating back to the Biblical times. In it’s homeland it’s domesticated as well as living as a wild animal in packs.




Toy Poodle

toy poodle

Average lifespan: 14,63 let

One of the longest living dog breeds is also the toy poodle originally from France and Germany. Although poodles used to be bread mostly as work dogs they quickly became popular companion dogs.




Swedish Vallhund

swedish vallhund

Average lifespan: 14,42 let

Swedish Vallhund or Västgötaspets is native to Sweden but it’s true origin is unclear. For its similarity with Welshcorghi one of the theories is that it was brought to Sweden from England by the Vikings.




Tibetan Spaniel

tibetan spaniel

Average lifespan: 14,42 let

This Tibetan breed dates back to the 8th century. In its homeland it was used as a watchdog in the local monasteries often in collaboration with the Tibetan Mastiff.




Lhasa Apso

longest living dog breeds lhasa apso

Average lifespan: 14,33 let

Lhasa Apso is another Tibetan who belongs to the longest living dog breeds. Although it might look as a simple and fragile companion dog, it’s actually very intelligent and watches over its family.




Australian Silky Terrier

longest living dog breeds australian silky terrier

Average lifespan: 14,25 let

The Silky comes from Australia where it was used for catching mice and smaller rodents. Later it gained in popularity as a companion breed.




Miniature Poodle

longest living dog breeds poodle miniature

Average lifespan: 14,2 let

Just like the Toy Poodle, the miniature version as an over-average life expectancy as well. It’s an intelligent and playful family dog.





Cairn Terrier

longest living dog breeds cairn terrier

Average lifespan: 14 let

This lively British breed is very easy to train in obedience and despite its size it’s a very good watch dog. It is a very high as well as low temperature-resilient breed.



longest living dog breeds