Oldest Dog To Celebrate His 31st Birthday!

oldest dog

Bobi is a male of the Rafeiro do Alentejo breed, a Portuguese livestock guardian. And he is the oldest dog in the world with his 31st birthday coming up this weekend!

oldest dog

It will be quite the birthday party with around 100 guests coming (and flying in) from near and far. And Bobi is actually used to this kind of international attention as he received guests from abroad all the time. It comes as no surprise because Bobi is the Guinness record holder since February of this year. Currently, he is about a year and half older than the previous registered record-dog, the Australian Shepherd Bluey.

Bobi was actually to be put down shortly after birth along with his siblings. His future owner hid him and made him part of the family. And now Bobi is the oldest dog in the world!

According to his owner, Mr. Costa, Bobi is still playful although he’s experiencing some eyesight and mobility problems. He owes his long years to the quiet life in the countryside near Leiria, Portugal, where he has always roamed free, not knowing any chains or leashes. He usually eats what his family eats, just without the spices. His owner claims Bobi is the last of a long line of dogs and wishes for him to have pups. If this wish can become reality, we don’t know, but we certainly wish Bobi, the oldest dog, a very happy birthday!