Very Rare Pointer – Bohemian Fousek


Bohemian Fousek (in Czech český fousek, full English name Bohemian wire-haired Pointing griffon) is a very rare pointer breed outside of its country of origin. It’s an energetic and playful dog that’s not only a great hunting companion but also a family dog.

The Czech name of the breed literally means “Czech/Bohemian Little Hair” referring to the mustache and goatee, one of the notable characteristics of the Fouseks.

History of the Bohemian Pointer

This wire-haired pointer breed was known already in Austria-Hungary. The first mention of the breed comes from the 14th century when the Kind of Bohemia and Roman Emperor Charles IV. bred them. Fousek is one of the eldest European pointer breeds although the official standard was released five hundred years later, in 1882 (and by then the breed was called only “Bohemian Pointer”).

World War I meant an almost 100 % extinction of the breed as the Fousek Pointer is not a watchdog and couldn’t serve the work purposes of that era. František Houska, Czech cynologist and writer is the one we can thank for re-establishing the breeding lines from the ashes. The breed was internationally recognized in 1963.

Appearance, Temperament and Health



Height: 60–66 cm/24–26 in (dogs), 58–62 cm/23–24 in (bitches)

Weight: 28–34 kg/62–75 lb (dogs), 22–28 kg/49–62 lb (bitches)


Fousek is a wire-haired pointer with a typical facial fur – goatee and mustache. Its bone and muscle structure is very similar to that of other pointer breeds. The dogs are athletic and muscular, the ears are drop and soft. Český fousek is also known for its deep-set eyes of brown or amber color and very soft look. As for the coat color, it can be roan, brown or ticked brown.


pointerThe Bohemian Pointer is a very kind and playful breed and at the same time it’s very agile and fast. The males can be a little stubborn but the females tend to be very calm which makes Fousek a great choice for families who are looking for a combination of hunting and family dog.

It’s and intelligent breed with a tendency to dominance during the months of adolescence, however, this particular characteristic fades away in adulthood. It can be held in a pack as the dogs get on very well with each other, after all, they were bred for a life in pack.

Despite of not being an excellent watch or guard dog, it does bark whenever it feels the need to protect its territory.


Because it is a pointer, Fousek needs a lot of activity in order to stay healthy. The breed is very energetic, therefore, the owner should lead an active lifestyle. As any other larger breed it can suffer from hip dysplasia and regular checks until adulthood are recommended. Besides that it’s a very healthy and resilient breed.

Bohemian Pointer as Work Dog

Fousek is a very versatile hunting pointer able to adapt to any type of hunting and terrain. Despite of being a rather rare breed worldwide, they are a popular choice of forest guards in the Czech Republic.

They are also very good retrievers on dry land as well as in the water.

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