Who was the Longest Living Dog?

longest living dog

Would you like to know who holds the record for the longest living dog? Then read on! And maybe check out also Longest Living Dog Breeds.

Longest Living Dog

According to the Guinness World Records, the longest living dog in the world was an Australian Cattle Dog called Bluey. She was born 7 June 1910 and died 14 November 1939 at the quite incredible age of 29 years and 5 months.

Bluey lived with her owners Les and Esma Hall in Victoria, Australia where she worked as a cattle and sheep herding dog for nearly 20 years.

In 2011 a survey on longevity of the Australian Cattle Dog was performed and it yielded a mean longevity of 13.41 years (Lee, P. (2011). Longevity of the Australian Cattle Dog: Results of a 100-Dog Survey. ACD Spotlight, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Spring 2011, 96-105.). So Bluey’s record is quite extraordinary.

There were several claims made by other dog owners stating that their dogs had beaten the records, however, these were never verified and so, Bluey remains the longest living dog record holder until today.

Other Long Living Dogs

Let’s mention 10 more dogs that didn’t live quite as long as Bluey but their lives were still exceptionally long.

NameBirth dateDeath dateAgeBreedCountry
1Bluey7 June 191014 November 193929 years, 160 daysAustralian Cattle DogAustralia
2Butch19752003≥28 years, 0 daysBeagleUnited States
3Taffy27 years, 211 daysWelsh CollieUnited Kingdom
4Snookie1 January 199112 October 2018≥27 years, 284 daysPugSouth Africa
5Adjutant14 August 193620 November 196327 years, 98 daysLabrador RetrieverUnited Kingdom
6Buksi199026 August 201727 yearsMuttHungary
7Pusuke1 April 19855 December 201126 years, 248 daysShiba Inu mixJapan
8Bramble197831 March 2003≥25 years, 89 daysBorder CollieUnited Kingdom
9Sugar18 August 195213 August 197724 years, 360 daysUnited States
10Piccolo1 October 198726 December 201023 years, 86 daysMuttItaly